Past Projects

Climate and Society Interactions (CSI)
Building adaptive capacity for water management in the U.S.-Mexico border region.

Global Water Initiatives (GWIs)
Professional societies, non-governmental organizations, time periods and events.

Advancing Good Practices in Building Interdisciplinarity

Actionable Science in Transboundary River Basins
Around the world, intensifying demands for water resources, changes in the hydro-climatic cycle, and degrading water quality pose threats to human and ecosystems. These risks are particularly of concern in transboundary river basins, where coordination across international political boundaries adds complexity to already challenging governance issues. The effective production of scientific knowledge and incorporation of that knowledge into decision-making will be a critical factor influencing how such water-related risks are mitigated, as decision-makers respond to potential impacts and externalities that span sovereign countries.

Archives of Previous Work
Archived Work on Environmental and Natural Resources Policy

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