Immigration Policy Publications

Gans, Judith. 2013. Household Income, Poverty, and Food-Stamp Use in Native-born and Immigrant Households. Tucson, AZ: Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy.
Jorgensen, Miriam, ed. 2007. Rebuilding Native Nations: Strategies for Governance and Development. Foreword by Oren Lyons. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.
A report by Judith Gans
Gans, J. 2008. Arizona Economy and the Legal Arizona Workers Act. Presented at the forum, "Immigration and the Economy," December 11, 2008, Phoenix, AZ. 28pp.
Based on computer simulation analysis, presents the fiscal costs (for education, health care, and law enforcement) versus benefits (generation of state tax revenues) of immigration in Arizona's economy for 2004, showing a net contribution of about $940 million.
Places the phenomenon of immigration in the broad context of today's global economy. Provides historical background on current U.S. immigration policy and provides an objective synthesis of research findings and data to who the complex tradeoffs involved in this contentious public-policy issue.
Illegal Immigration to the United States: Causes and Consequences, Immigration and U.S. Health Care Costs, Immigration and Labor in the U.S. Economy

Working Papers and Essays


Immigrants in Arizona: Preliminary Research Results (November 2006, PDF 670 KB)

Illegal Immigration: Global and National Context and Prospects for Reform(February 2006, PDF 184 KB)

Understanding Immigration: Key Issues in Immigration Debates and Prospects for Reform (February 2006, PDF 310 KB)

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